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St. Catharines field closure hotline.
905-688-5600 ex 1534

2020 Outdoor – Opening February 2020

Soccer Coed – Opening Feburary 2020
Beach Volleyball – Opening Feburary 2020
Ultimate Frisbee Coed – Opening Feburary 2020
Softball – Coed & Men’s – Opening Feburary 2020
2 Locations St. Catharines & Niagara Falls

2020 Winter Registration

Dodgeball – Email for waiting list
Basketball – Now Open

Ball Hockey – Rink rental $50.00 daytime $75.00 after sunset/ hour.

2019-20 Fall/ Winter Registration

Court Volleyball – Email For Waiting List
Indoor Soccer – Email For Waiting List
Ball Hockey – Rink rental 50.00 daytime 75.00 after sunset/ hour.

Niagara Rec Sports is Niagara’s largest Coed recreational sports organization that offers various coed sports leagues to adults in the Niagara Region/ Niagara Peninsula.

Experience is not necessary, positive attitude and good sportsmanship are!  Whether you are new to the game, or have been playing for years, we are sure you will enjoy what our leagues have to offer. Niagara Rec Sports leagues are a great opportunity for you to be active, meet new people and have fun!  Register as an Individual, Group or Team.   Join in the fun and COME OUT AND PLAY!

Niagara Rec Sports puts the players first.  We strive to run the most
affordable sports league(s) in the Niagara Region. We offer well organized sport league and tournaments in the Niagara Peninsula.   Enjoy our easy to navigate website that is updated daily with schedules, standings & player stats.  Along with weekly game reminders & league updates keeping our players informed and up to date.

NOTE: All of our leagues have qualified referees/ umpires to ensure the games are fun and fair for everyone.

We currently offer
Outdoor Soccer
Court Volleyball
Beach Volleyball
Ultimate Frisbee

Thanks to all players for making Niagara Rec Sports possible.

Niagara Rec Sports Champions Cup Winners
Below are some of the Niagara Rec Sports Champions Cup Winners

2019 Outdoor Season

2018-2019 Indoor Season

2018 Outdoor Season

2017 Fall Indoor Season

Niagara Rec Sports 2017 Fall Dodgeball Consolation Cup Winners

2015-16 Indoor Season

2014 Spring Outdoor – Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball

2014 Mini Season & Spring – Softball, Beach Volleyball, Court Volleyball, Dodgeball