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2021 Outdoor Registration – Now Open!

We need to be in phase 2 in order to play team sports.  Registration will be open until we get confirmation form government on a start date.

Join us for another great outdoor sport season.  Select your sport below for league details.  Team and Individual registrations available.

Soccer Coed – Now Open
Beach Volleyball Now Open
Ultimate Frisbee Coed – Now Open
Softball – Coed & Men’s Now Open


All players must review and complete the covid 19 screening tool before each game.  covid 19 screening tool



  • Each League will be broken out into divisions.
  • A maximum of 50 participants will be allowed in each division.
  • Teams may borrow players from their own group ONLY if they are short and the opposing team captain agrees to it before the game begins. 
  • Players are NOT permitted to play for other teams outside their group on that evening of play.
  • Each Sport will have specific mandatory roster requirements, for example:
    • Softball (a maximum of 12 players per team, 4 teams in each division, totaling 48 participants).
    • Soccer 9’s (a maximum of 12 players per team, 4 teams in each division, totaling 48 participants).
    • Beach Volleyball (a maximum of 8 players per team,  Max 6 teams in each division, totaling 48 participants).
    • Ultimate Frisbee (a maximum of 8 players per team, max 6 teams in each division, totaling 48 participants).


  • Bring and use your own antibacterial hand sanitizer.
  • If you feel sick after arriving, please remove yourself from the game and review the Covid Screening Tool..
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Game day wellness checks “COVID Screening Tool ” must be completed at home by all players prior to participation.
  • There will be no physical touching such as handshaking, high fives, fist/elbow bumps or huddles.
  • Only registered players are allowed on or near the player’s bench. Family members and coaches need to stay on the spectators side and maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • It is up to each player to decide if they want to play or not, no one is forced to play.  Each player must Take the Niagara Region self assessment before each game and if you answered yes to anything in the assessment, don’t play call the number on the form.  If you answered no to all questions you are permitted to play if you choose to do so.


  • There will be sanitizer spray and paper towels under the referee stands.  The game ball must be wiped down before the match begins by the serving team.  Paper towels are to be discarded into the bin under the stand.
  • Court entry will be from the grass side
  • Court exit will be from the parking lot side of the court’s.
  • Start of play – serving team will be decided by rock paper scissors at a safe distance.
  • End of play – No shaking hands, players exit the court at the parking lot side exit.
  • When the game is complete please leave the court area (parking lot side exit) immediately to allow the next teams on to the court.
  • After a set teams can switch sides, however, must maintain a safe distance, no shaking hands.
  • Players at the net should begin each point 3′ back from the net.
  • Minimize personal belonging’s you bring into the court area, keys, shoes, purses only please.
  • First game of the evening team captain’s are responsible to bring the scoreboard and game ball to the court.
  • Last game of the evening team captain’s are responsible to bring the scoreboard and game ball to the bar area.
  • Only 8 players max per team inside court area at any time.
  • Spectators need to be outside the court area and maintain social distancing.


  • At half time teams can switch sides, however, must maintain a safe distance. 
  • Players will take kick-ins, instead of throw-ins. 
  • When placing the ball for a free-kick, corner or sideline kick in, please use your feet to place the ball.  
  • Players should limit handling the ball if at all. 


  • The batting team will give the pitcher a ball to be used while they are at bat.  Teams can mark their ball if they like.  This way handling of the ball is minimized between the teams and teams are hitting the ball they brought to the game. 
  • Tagging will be allowed but ONLY if the ball is inside the fielders glove.
  • Once a force out has been made, fielders should step away from the base to ensure physical distancing between themselves and the base runner.

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2021-22 Fall/ Winter Registration – Opening Fall 2021

Indoor Soccer – Email for Waiting List
Court Volleyball – Email for waiting list
Dodgeball – Email for waiting list
Basketball – Email for waiting list

Niagara Rec Sports is Niagara’s largest Coed recreational sports organization that offers various coed sports leagues to adults in the Niagara Region/ Niagara Peninsula.

Experience is not necessary, positive attitude and good sportsmanship are!  Whether you are new to the game, or have been playing for years, we are sure you will enjoy what our leagues have to offer. Niagara Rec Sports leagues are a great opportunity for you to be active, meet new people and have fun!  Register as an Individual, Group or Team.   Join in the fun and COME OUT AND PLAY!

Niagara Rec Sports puts the players first.  We strive to run the most affordable sports league(s) in the Niagara Region. We offer well organized sport league and tournaments in the Niagara Peninsula.   Enjoy our easy to navigate website that is updated daily with schedules, standings & player stats.  Along with weekly game reminders & league updates keeping our players informed and up to date.

NOTE: All of our leagues have qualified referees/ umpires to ensure the games are fun and fair for everyone.

We currently offer
Outdoor Soccer
Court Volleyball
Beach Volleyball
Ultimate Frisbee

Thanks to all players for making Niagara Rec Sports possible.

2022 Mini Season Registration

Indoor Soccer – Email for waiting list
Court volleyball – Email for waiting list
Dodgeball – Email for waiting list

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