Ultimate Frisbee Playoff Schedule

Ultimate Frisbee Playoff Schedule

The 2017 Playoff Schedule is now posted

Based on the regular season the league will be divided up into 2 divisions the top 4 playing for the NRS Champions cup and trophies, the bottom 4 playing for the NRC consolation cup.

Congratulations to the Team Gavin and Mzungus for winning the 2017 NRS Champions Cup and the NRS consolation cup respectively.

Turn phone sideways if schedule is cut off on your phone.

Ultimate Frisbee 2017 Playoff Schedule
A Division B Division
1 Team Gavin 1  Mzungus
2 Frizzly Bears 2 Just Huck It
3 Lethal Weapons 3 Killer Fris Bees
4 High Flyers 4 Individuals
August 23rd
Semi Finals
A Division
Team Gavin 15 vs High Flyers 7 6:30 Ridley Field 1 Semi Finals
Frizzly Bears 13 vs Lethal Weapons 14 6:30 Ridley Field 2 Semi Finals
Division B
 Mzungus 15 vs Individuals 1 6:30 Ridley Field 3 Semi Finals
Just Huck It 11 vs Killer Fris Bees 7 6:30 Ridley Field 4 Semi Finals
August 30th
Championship Games
A Division
 Frizzly Bears 15 vs  High Flyers 6 6:30 Ridley Field 1 3rd place game
 Team Gavin 15 vs  Lethal Weapons 8 6:30 Ridley Field 2 Championship Game
B Division
 Mzungus 15 vs  Just Huck It 7 6:30 Ridley Field 3 B Div Final
 Killer Fris Bees 12 vs  Individuals 8 6:30 Ridley Field 4 3rd place game