Indoor Soccer Tournament Schedule

2023 New Years Kickoff Indoor Soccer Money Tournament ScheduleIndoor Soccer Tournament Niagara Rec Sports

Dec 30th 2023

Congrats to Juve for winning the Dec 30th 2023 New Years Kick Off Coed Indoor soccer tournament.

Group stage draw can be viewed here.  Good luck to all teams.

If viewed on a smart phone turn the phone sideways to view the full schedule.

The first game will be at 10:00am.  We ask all teams to be there at least 30min before game time to get organized & hand in waivers. No one can play until they have registered and have Signed the Waiver  There will be a mandatory team captain meeting at 9:30am.

1st game starts 10:00am SHARP!

Games will be 25min in length

We will do our best to stay on schedule.
If one team is ready to play and the other team is not, a goal will be awarded against the team that is not ready after each 5min interval has elapsed.

There will be a 3min “warm up”/ organization period before each game.  When the previous game is over the referee will put 28min on the clock, the clock will count down from that point until the game is over.

Make sure your team is organized and ready to start at the 25min mark as time will NOT stop.

NRS 2023 New Years Kickoff Indoor Soccer Tournament final

Team Rosters – 2023 New Years Kick Off Coed Indoor Soccer Tournament

Team Colours

The Fury Grey
Sunday Scaries Red
Let’s get Messi Pink/Black
Walter FC Navy blue and white
Juve Black
Threat Level Midnight Black
CR7 Made in Heaven Black
Holiday Chill Academy Blue
DP Black
Timbits White Orange
Three Goals One Cup White

Tournament Structure

Structure – 12 Team Tournament
12 teams total 3 groups of 4 teams
8 teams make the quarter finals

Top 2 teams from each group
The final 2 teams (wild cards) based on

  1. Total Most Points (3 points for a win, 1 for a tie)
  2. Plus minus
  3. Goals for
  4. Head to Head (if applicable)
  5. If everything is equal a coin toss.

Of the 8 teams going through to the quarter finals, teams will be ranked as follows

  • 1st in each group is ranked 1st, 2nd & 3rd according to the above hierarchy.
  • The remaining 5 are ranked 4th, 5th , 6th ,7th, 8th  according to the above hierarchy

Quarter finals and on

  • single elimination knock out

1st seed plays 8th seed
2nd seed plays 7th seed
3rd seed plays 6th seed
4th seed plays 5th seed

Group stages can end in a tie.

Quarter finals and on will have 5min over time followed by penalty shots.

Over time

  • 4 vs 4 consisting of
    MIn 1 Female
    Max 2 Males

Penalty Shots 

    • Best of 5 rounds will alternate Guy, Girl, until there is a winner.
    • If still tied after 5 rounds they will continue one round at a time until there is a winner.
    • Everyone (of their specific gender) must shoot on the team before starting the order over goalies included
    • This is the only time where goalies gender counts as a Male or Female and to follow the above penalty shot rules.

A full set of rules can be found here.