Outdoor Soccer Schedule

Outdoor Soccer Schedule – Coed

2019 Outdoor Soccer Schedule – Coed
Team Colour  & Roster List

Schedule subject to change, please check schedule weekly to verify correct game time and field location.  All games are played Sunday evenings.  Rain out’s (if any) will be made up on any days a field is available.

WE play Rain or Shine, assume there is a game unless you hear otherwise from NRS.  Notifications will first be on the website, and we will send an email if possible.

Playoff Schedule Can Be Found Here.

No games on long weekends unless we need them for rain out make up games.

Outdoor Soccer Standings Quick Link
Team Colour & Roster ListOutdoor Soccer Schedule
For field locations follow this link.

Outdoor Soccer Schedule 2019
B Division
C Division

2018 Season Layout
Intermediate Division
B Division is our top division, teams will be playing for the NRS Champions Cup when Playoffs arrive.  Even though it is our top division please keep in mind it is not a “Competitive” Division, it is coed adult soccer, first priority should be to have fun.

B Division
The B Division is playing for the .  After the regular season is complete the division will be broken up and the top 8 will be playing for the NRS Consolation cup, the remaining teams will be playing for bragging right’s in their respective division.

C Division
The C Division is playing for NRS Consolation Cup.  The division will be broken up into smaller divisions come playoff time, top 8 and bottom 6.

2018 B Division Schedule
B Division Schedule by Week (match day) or Team

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2018 C Division Schedule
C Division Schedule by Week (match day) or Team

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2019 Team Rosters

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