Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

All team captains and players are required to read all rules before playing in the league.

Rock Paper Scissors (best two out of 3) will decide who gets first disc or side (winner picks either side or Disc).

Start of Play
• To begin play the ultimate players from each team line up on their end zones and the defence team pulls (throws) the disc to the other team as a “kick-off”.
• Pulls are long throws, and they are thrown in efforts of giving the offensive team poor field position and a chance for the defence to get down the field soon enough to stop advances.
• If the disc is not caught by the opposing team play begins from where the disc lands.
• Teams will switch ends after every score (there is no half time).

Game duration

  • First team to 15 or 1hr 15min what ever comes first.
  • Games will start right at 6:30.
  • Please come early to warm up, meet with the team captain and determine who gets first disc.  Be on the line, ready to start at 6:30. 
  • Game time starts right at 6:30, time will start regardless if your team is ready or not (so be ready).
  • When there is 5min remaining he will make 3 short horn blasts to let the players know we are at the 5min warning.
  • Exactly 1hr and 15min later he will blow one long horn blast the whistle again and all games will end.
  • When game time has expired the coordinator will blow the whistle again signifying the end of the game. Play stops immediately and the winning team will report the score to the coordinator.


  • There can be no ties in the playoffs, if the game is tied at the end of regulation time teams will play until someone scores and wins the game.


  • We play rain or shine, wind or calm.  be ready to play each week unless you see something on the NRS main page saying games are cancelled.
  • If there is is lightening close to the field’s the coordinator will signify game is paused and teams will wait 10min to see if the lightening will pass.
  • If it does not the game will be cancelled.
  • If there has been a total of 35min minutes played = 7:10pm the games are cancelled and the score at the time of cancellation shall be the final score.
  • If there has been less than 35min played the remainder of the game time will be made up at a later date.

Movement of the Disc
• The disc may be moved in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate.
• After catching a pass, a player is required to come to a stop as quickly as possible, and then can only move their non pivot foot.

• A point is scored when a player catches a pass in the end zone his team is attacking.
Change of Possession
The throw has to be made from inside the opponents half for a score to count.  Passes made from your own end directly into the opponents in-zone do not result in a score and the opposing team gets possession in heir own in-zone.
• An incomplete pass results in a change of possession.
• When this happens the defense immediately becomes the offense and gains possession of the disc where it comes to a stop on the field of play, or where it first traveled out of bounds.
• Play does not stop because of a turnover.

Changing ends

  • Teams will switch ends after every score. 
  • Scoring team stays, other team walks to the other end of the field and gets ready to receive the Frisbee.

Reasons for Turnovers
• Throw-away — the thrower misses his target and the disc falls to the ground.
• Drop — the receiver is not able to catch the disc.
• Block — a defender deflects the disc in mid flight, causing it to hit the ground.
(kick blocks are NOT allowed).
• Interception — a defender catches a disc thrown by the offense.
• Out of bounds — the disc lands out of bounds, hits an object out of bounds or is caught by a player who lands out of bounds or leaps from outside the playing field.
• Stall — a player on offense does not release the disc before the defender has counted out ten seconds.

Disc space.

  • You are allowed to stand one disc space away from the thrower.
  • If you are too close the thrower will yell “Disc Space!” The defender will adjust his/ her position, drop the stall count by one and you continue playing.
  • Foot blocks are allowed but MUST be made horizontally (as if you are making a star fish motion with your foot), they are not to kick towards the throwing player.

Stall Counting

  • The player must be within 3 feet to begin counting to 10, if no player is within 3 feet there is no counting.
  • Only the player directly in front of the thrower can count, the opposing team does not count as a team.
  • The player counting must count saying 1 stall, 2, stall in a reasonable medium pace manner.  Fast counting is not permitted.

Out of Bounds
• If the disc lands out of bounds the opposing team gets possession where the disc first went out of bounds
• The disc may go out of bounds in the air and come back into play for a catch
• A defensive player can play the disc out of bounds, the disc is put into play at the closest spot on the field to where the defender first touched it. NOTE: if a defender catches the disc that defender must put it into play.
• If momentum carries a player out-of-bounds after landing in-bounds with possession of an in-bounds disc, the player is considered in-bounds. For this exception to apply, that player’s first point of ground contact with any area must be completely in-bounds.
• A pivoting thrower may contact an out-of-bounds area, provided that part of the pivot remains in contact with the playing field.
• The “Ultimate Play”, this happens when a player jumps from within bounds to catch a disc that has passed out of bounds. The player must then throw the disc back in-bounds before touching the ground.

• A foul is the result of contact between players, although incidental contact (not affecting the play) does not constitute a foul.
• When a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes as if the possession were retained.
• If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call, the disc is returned to the last thrower.


  • Changes can be made on the fly but only at the the side of the field at the center line.
  • Substitutions may not hinder play or give the substituting team any advantage in any way, offensively or defensively.

Half time

  • There will be no official half time
  • Both teams must decide on a half time at the beginning of the game.
  • If half time is agreed upon by both teams they will take a brief rest around the 40min mark.
  • Official game time will continue to run.
  • It is recommended to take half time after a score is made.
  • If half time is decided and taken by both teams the play resumes where the game left off when half time is over.

• Players are responsible for foul and line calls.
• Players resolve their own disputes. This creates a spirit of honesty and respect on the playing field.
• It is the duty of the player who committed the foul to speak up and admit his infraction.

• Uniforms are not required but teams are asked to bring both a white and black shirt to each game and be ready to wear either colour to distinguish between the 2 teams. One team will be white, one team will be black.

  • Players
    • 6 vs 6 coed
    • Max 4 Males
    • Min one Female
    • Any combination of Male : Female ratio is allowed providing the above requirements are met.
    4 Males 2 Females
    3 Males 3 Females
    2 Males 4 Females
    1 Male 5 Females
    0 Males 6 Females
    • 4 players are needed to field a team one of whom must be female.
    • All players must play unless they are injured, you may not play a male, or female short if there is a spot for them on the field.
  • All players must be registered with Niagara Rec Sports in order to play.
  • If teams are short they can borrow players from another team ONLY if the opposing team captain agrees to it BEFORE the game begins.  Borrowed players must be registered with another team in the NRS league.  Outside players are not allowed and must fully register with the team before playing

If at any time the min player requirements are not met the team will forfeit the game.
The opposing team will take the greater of the current score or 7 – 0.

Forfeit Fine – Less than 24hrs notice

All teams must give min 24hrs notice if they are not able to field a team or they will be charged a $50.00 late notice forfeit fee.  The team will not receive any league points in the standings until the $50.00 fee is paid.  Points not received during this time will not be reinstated.  No team can play in the playoffs with an outstanding fine.  If you owe a fine at the time the playoff schedule is being made/ updated your game will not be scheduled.

If a team fails to pay the $50.00 fine within a week the league can look for another team to take their place.

This is to ensure we are able to give opposing teams and referees enough notice that your team will not be able to make it to the game.  No one likes going to a game only to find out the other team did not bother to show up.

This normally is not an issue as most teams respect each other enough to give proper notice, this fee is for those that don’t.

We are very lenient with this policy and as long as you have a few people show up and can form a team with other players playing before your game at the diamond, field and/ or court so the opposing team has a game to play your team will not be fined.

At the end of the season any money collected from the forfeit fine will be donated to a local charity such as project share.

  • If a team forfeit’s 3 times during the season they risk removal from the league.
  • If a team does not pay the fine within a week they risk removal from the league.
  • No points will be awarded to to the team in the standings until the fine has been paid.
  • A one week grace period may be implemented for teams to pay the fine.

Player Eligibility

  • All players must register online and sign the online waiver in order to be eligible to play in the league.
  • Once registration is complete (fully) the name of the registrant will appear under the team name on the roster section of the website.  Only people that are on the roster can ply for the team.
  • If teams are caught playing with unregistered (illegal players) they will loose their existing game and the next.
  • Team captains are responsible to ensure all players are eligible to play, registered with NRS and name displayed on the website on their specific teams roster.
  • If teams are short they can borrow players from another team ONLY if the opposing team captain agrees to it BEFORE the game begins.  Borrowed players must be registered with another team in the NRS league.  Outside players are not allowed and must fully register with the team before playing.

Process for challenging player eligibility

  • Play does not stop during this process.
  • All players must carry some form of picture ID and be ready to show the referee or the opposing team captain if asked.
  • The team captain of the team challenging the eligibility of an opposing team’s player(s) must pull up the team rosters on the phone and approach the opposing team’s bench and speak to the team captain regarding the player in question with the roster.  This process does not stop the game from being played.
    If the team captain refuses to do so the team will get an automatic loss and the player in question will be removed from the field immediately.
  • The team captain (of the team in question) must verify the player in question is in fact on the roster and ID must be shown by the player to verify they are in fact the person listed on the roster on the website.
  • If the player is found not to be on the team roster and/ or does not show ID to prove they are who they say they are, notify the referee and they will be removed from the game and the offending team will take a loss for that game.
  • Teams have until the beginning of their game to register players.  All registrations are time stamped in our back end.
  • This process can take place until 5 minutes after the game is complete

Spirit of the Game
• Ultimate is known for its “Spirit of the Game”, often abbreviated SOTG. Ultimate’s self-officiated nature demands a strong spirit of sportsmanship and respect.

Overall Standings Tie Breakers

  • If there is a in the standings based on points the following will be used as a tie breaker.
  • Total Most Points (3 points for a win, 1 for a tie)
  • Plus minus
  • Scores for
  • Scores Against
  • Head to Head (if applicable)
  • If everything is equal a coin toss

• Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game.
• Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and NRS staff.
• Respect your opponent and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match whether in victory or defeat.
• Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control.
• Refrain from using foul or abusive language.
Any players/ team deemed in violation of the code of conduct can be removed from the league
• Have fun!

Team captains are responsible to bring a first aid kit with them to every game
Team captains are responsible to inspect the field to ensure is suitable to safely play.  If an unsafe condition is found stop play and notify the league. If any player feels the conditions are not safe to play they are free to stop playing.

Any team can be removed from the league a result of any single players conduct deemed not suitable to the family friendly atmosphere our leagues are known for.  This includes but is not limited to any ejection, yellow card, red card, verbal abuse towards an official/ player, any physical altercation including but not limited to grabbing, pushing, shoving, punching, choking.

Niagara Rec Sports reserves the right to remove or disallow any player from the league at any time throughout the year.  No refunds will be given if/ when players are removed from the league.

Niagara Rec Sports reserves the right to add, alter, remove rules either verbally or on any rules page at any time as we deem fit, any rule changes will be effective immediately.  Rules discussed at the team captains meeting are to be considered part of the league rules.

For other league rules visit this page.