Team Colour List

Team Colour List – Niagara Rec Sports

2024 Outdoor Soccer Team Colour & Roster List

Team Colours & Rosters
Team Colours
Team Rosters

Team Colours

  • Please check each week to ensure you are not wearing the same colour of the opposing team.
  • Each team is to have a set of alternate shirts with them at all times.
  • The alternate shirts don’t have to have numbers on them but your regular set does.
  • If you are playing a team with the same or similar colour as you make sure you have the alternate shirts as one team must switch.
  • If neither team wants to change, the first team listed on the schedule will have to change shirts to an alternate colour.
  • If that team does not want to change they will automatically loose the game 0 – 2.
  • Shirts must be warn at all times by all players on the field.
  • Colours that are close such as Navy Blue and Black the referee may make one team change as they are too similar, this will be the referees decision.


2024 Team colour List – Sunday Evenings

DJB United Black and Red
Goal Diggers Light Blue
Hooligans Academy white
Hotshots Black
Individuals 1 Purple
International FC Royal Blue
Monarch FC Red and Black
Monstars Lime Green
Newcastle FC dark blue
Niagara Un-Athletic Black/Teal
Proactive Black
Rossoneri Red
Squad Goals Royal Blue
The Schmo’s Yellow
The Untouchables white
TP FC White
905 All Stars Red
Back That Pass Up Black
Ball Bangers FC Sky Blue
Ball Busters Blue
Ballstars Green
Brewcastle United White
Brewventus Black
Bunny Rabbits Pink
Dismantled FC Burgundy
Dolls and Balls Orange
Dom P Gold
Feel our Kenergy Purple
For Kicks and Giggles Grey
Galacticos Blue
Hot and MESSI Pink/Black
Individuals 2 Orange
Individuals 3 White
Individuals 4 Yellow
Individuals 5 Black
Injured Reserved Blue
Intergalactic FC Sky/black
Multiple Scoregasms Purple
Randoms United Red
Savage Squad FC Red and black
Shooting Blanks Red
Summer FC Lime green
Sunday Scaries Red
Two Left Feet Purple
Vicious and Delicious Blue
Win, Lose or Booze Green
Wolf Pack Blue


2024 Team colour List – Wednesday Evenings

5 Second Finishers Black
Ántrax White
Individuals 1 Lime Green
Individuals 2 Orange
Jack’s United Red
Tailgators Dark Blue
The Minions Yellow
The Tigers Purple

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Team Roster

  • If your name is not on the list below you are not eligible to play in the league.  Team captains are responsible to ensure all players have registered read and signed the online waiver.
  • To be eligible to play in the league each player must
    1. Register online, complete steps 1-3, select your team (via a link given only to the team captain).
    2. Once you complete the registration you will be added automatically to the team roster page below.
  • Once players have completed the above they are added to the team roster on the team roster page and they are eligible to play in the league.
  • Anyone not on the team roster page is not eligible and playing illegally.
  • Teams caught playing with unregistered players. The player(s) will be removed form the field immediately and the team will automatically lose their current game and the next game on the schedule.  (The teams can still play this game minus the illegal player(s) but it will be a loss on the schedule.)Process for challenging player eligibility
  • All players must carry some form of picture ID and be ready to show the referee or the opposing team captain if asked.
  • The team captain of the team challenging the eligibility of an opposing team’s player(s) must approach the opposing team’s bench and speak to the team captain regarding the player in question with the roster list on their phone (or printed off in paper form).
    If the team captain refuses to do so the team will get an automatic loss and the player in question will be removed from the field immediately.
  • The team captain (of the team in question) must verify the player in question is in fact on the roster and ID must be shown by the player to verify they are in fact the person listed on the roster on the website.
  • If the player is found not to be on the team roster and/ or does not show ID to prove they are who they say they are they will be removed from the game and the offending team will take a loss for that game.
  • Teams have until start of their scheduled game time to register players and hand in their wavers.  all registrations are time stamped so we will know if the player registered during the game or before.

Only players who have registered and completed the online waiver properly are eligible to play in the league.

2024 Team Rosters – Sunday Evening

2024 Team Rosters – Wednesday Evening