Indoor Soccer Team Colour and Roster

Indoor Soccer Team Colour and Roster List – Niagara Rec Sports

2019-20 Indoor Soccer Team Colour & Roster List

Team Colour & Rosters – Indoor Soccer

Team Colours
Team Rosters


2019-20 Team Colours

A Division

Expendaballs Green
Vas Defenses White
Jan FC Red
Niagara Sportsplex Blue
Ballers Black

B Division

The Fury Grey
CDD FC white
Sorry In Advance Pink
Individauls 2 Orange

C Division

Virgil FC White
The Leftovers Red
LC Saints Orange
Pitch please Green
Individauls 1 Grey
Evergreen Timbers Green
Elite FC Blue
Game of Throw-in’s Green
Pink Slips FC Pink
Flint Tropics Blue
Graboids Lime green
The Big Lewandowski’s red
AlcoBALLics Gold
Multiple Scoregasms Purple
Individuals 3 Blue
Individuals 4 Yellow

Team Rosters – 2019-20 Indoor Soccer

  • If your name is not on the list below you are not eligible to play in the league.
  • To be eligible to play in the league each player must
    1. Register and sign the online waiver.  All 3 steps of the registration process must be completed 
  • Once players have completed the above they are added to the team roster below and they are eligible to play in the league.
  • Anyone not on this page is not eligible and playing illegally.
  • Teams caught playing with unregistered players. The player(s) will be removed form the field immediately and the team will automatically lose their current game. (The teams can still play this game minus the illegal player(s) but it will be a loss on the schedule.) The game can still be completed for fun but it will be a loss in the standings.
  • All players must carry some form of picture ID and be ready to show the referee or the opposing team captain if asked.
  • If a player is in question the opposing team captain must pull up this team roster list and respectfully ask the opposing captain about the questionable player. That player in question may have to produce photo ID. This can be done at any before time during or after the game if a player is in question. If a player is found to be illegal referee will stop the game, verify the player is in fact not registered for the team and play will not resume until that player is off the field. If there are issues with behavior from any players during this time they will be asked to leave as well.
  • Teams have until the start of their game to register players. Any players that are registered after the start of their game will be eligible the following week.


2019-20 Indoor Soccer Team Rosters



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