Indoor Soccer Team Colour and Roster

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2016 Indoor Soccer Team Colour & Roster List

Team Colours & Rosters
Team Colours
Team Rosters

Team Colours

  • Please check each week to ensure you are not wearing the same colour of the opposing team.
  • Each team is to have a set of alternate shirts with them at all times.
  • The alternate shirts don’t have to have numbers on them but your regular set does.
  • If you are playing a team with the same or similar colour as you make sure you have the alternate shirts as one team must switch.
  • If neither team wants to change, the first team listed on the schedule will have to change shirts to an alternate colour.
  • If that team does not want to change they will automatically loose the game 0 – 2.
  • Shirts must be warn at all times by all players on the field.
  • Colours that are close such as Navy Blue and Black the referee may make one team change as they are too similar, this will be the referees decision.


1 Romby’s FC Royal Blue
2 Virgil FC Royal Blue
3 Keenage FC Green
4 The Browns Brown
5 Momma Meggers Grey
6 Individuals 1 Orange
7 The Silencers Dark Grey
8 Salahuddin White
9 Wide Open and Ready Blue
10 We Got Balls Black
11 Graboids Lime Green
12 Liquor Pool FC Red
13 TBD – Jesse G Black
14 Brangelina Forever Gold
15 NOTL Red
16 Expendables  Emerald Green
17 Misfits Red
18 Multiple Scoregasms Navy

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Team Roster

  • If your name is not on the list below you are not eligible to play in the league.
  • To be eligible to play in the league each player must
    1. Register online for your proper team (via a link given only to the team captain).
    2. Completely fill out, sign (including a witness) and hand in the waiver to the office directly.
    3. Referees will not collect waivers at the field.
  • Once players have completed the above they are added to the team roster below and they are eligible to play in the league.
  • Anyone not on this page is not eligible and playing illegally.
  • Teams caught playing with unregistered players. The player(s) will be removed form the field immediately and the team will automatically lose their current game and the next game on the schedule. (The teams can still play this game minus the illegal player(s) but it will be a loss on the schedule.) The game can still be completed for fun but it will be a loss in the standings.
  • All players must carry some form of picture ID and be ready to show the referee or the opposing team captain if asked.
  • If a player is in question the opposing team captain must pull up this team roster list and respectfully ask the opposing captain about the questionable player. That player in question may have to produce photo ID. This can be done at any before time during or after the game if a player is in question. If a player is found to be illegal referee will stop the game, verify the player is in fact not registered for the team and play will not resume until that player is off the field. If there are issues with behaviour from any players during this time they will be asked to leave as well.
  • Teams have until 11:00am the Friday morning before their Sunday game to register players and hand in their wavers. Any players that are registered after 11:00am Friday will be eligible the following week.
  • If you are on an individual team you are already registered, we just need your signed waiver into the office before you can play.

Waivers can be handed in at the field for the first week only. The roster list will be populated after the first week.


Updated October 18th, 2016

First Name Last Name Number Team
Krisitin Jensen 3 Romby’s FC
 Adam Tosato  10 Romby’s FC
Kevin Jensen 13 Romby’s FC
Keya Strobasser 6 Romby’s FC
Jamie DeSmit 24 Romby’s FC
Richard Korten 80 Romby’s FC
Steve Kohut 18 Romby’s FC
Mike Jamieson 23 Romby’s FC
Rachel Hlywka 12 Romby’s FC
John Cox Goalie Romby’s FC
 Ashley Antidormi 5 Romby’s FC
Romby’s FC
Carly Savage 8 Romby’s FC
Romby’s FC
Mike Spurek 22 Romby’s FC
Lorna Ratskovsky 19 Romby’s FC
Melissa Cherney 10 Virgil FC
stephanie chaisson 18 Virgil FC
Aaron Cherney 14 Virgil FC
Jordan McGarvey 3 Virgil FC
Tommy Visca 5 Virgil FC
Mike Keeler 7 Virgil FC
Carrie McCafferty 13 Virgil FC
Shane McCafferty 20 Virgil FC
Nathan Cherney 4 Virgil FC
Chris Warner 11 Virgil FC
Andy Maroudas 6 Virgil FC
Tina Mitchell 15 Virgil FC
Eman G 9 Virgil FC
Scott Taylor 15 The Browns
Scott Smith 11 The Browns
Jessie Fournier 12 The Browns
Taylor Pettersen 14 The Browns
Saumye Jain 1 The Browns
Darryl Daly 0 The Browns
Ali Idris 5 The Browns
Amanda Rochette Given 0 The Browns
 Allison  Findlay  19 The Browns
Katie Ross 4 The Browns
Eric Flaugnatti 3 The Browns
 Katrina  Bartolomeo  33 The Browns
Nekoda Daniels 10 The Browns
 Connor Pettersen  The Browns
Meg McKeen 13 Keenage FC
Ed Beck 5 Keenage FC
Keenage FC
Richard Wyatt 100 Keenage FC
John Mancuso Goal Keenage FC
Josie Caruso 2 Keenage FC
Aggie Wojcik 10 Keenage FC
Konrad Fasula 21 Keenage FC
Jordan Ramage 4 Keenage FC
Steven Zwygers 13 Keenage FC
Ryan McClelland 0 Keenage FC


Vince Amato 12 Momma Meggers
Shedric Gauthier 2 Momma Meggers
Sammy Pilato 21 Momma Meggers
Foti Zannis 7 Momma Meggers
Rob Vachon 30 (Goal) Momma Meggers
Christa Papavasiliu 18 Momma Meggers
Paige Olsen 23 Momma Meggers
Rachel Quinn 11 Momma Meggers
James Wimmer 13 Momma Meggers
Katie Dalziel 9 Momma Meggers
Pete Ault 8 Momma Meggers
Andrew Domach 10 Momma Meggers
Rachel Badinski 6 Momma Meggers
Cody Willard 19 Momma Meggers
Shelly Pickerello 66 Momma Meggers
Heather McKay 5 Momma Meggers
 Don  Reid Momma Meggers
 Nikole Amato  17 Momma Meggers
 Megan  Noble Momma Meggers



Coralene Loewen 15 The Silencers
Elaine Sisler 2 The Silencers
jon fry 12 The Silencers
Jennifer Cabot 11 The Silencers
Tim Bastedo 3 The Silencers
Michelle Fry 13 The Silencers
Jason Howes 23 The Silencers
John Dingle 14 The Silencers
Mark Tworek 1 The Silencers
Christopher Loewen 4 The Silencers
Sven Konrad 6 The Silencers
Stefan Olk The Silencers
Megan Cook 21 The Silencers
 Bill  Simkin 5  The Silencers
 Ginette  Groleau 7  The Silencers
 Timothy  Petrushak  27  The Silencers
Jason Hanna 9 Individuals 1
Mark Terpstra 10 Individuals 1
Scott Stewart 12 Individuals 1
Mimi Chmay 18 Individuals 1
Philip Seward 7 Individuals 1
Rebecca Roadnight 11 Individuals 1
Edmund Frye 16 Individuals 1
Paula Grcevic 2 Individuals 1
David Miller 77 Individuals 1
Rebecca Quinn 17 Individuals 1
Individuals 1
Owen Baggott 0 Individuals 1
Dan Drakeford 1 Individuals 1
Diyar Irandost 0 Salahuddin
Komar Irandost 0 Salahuddin
0 Salahuddin
Sirwan Irandost 0 Salahuddin
Samantha Del Duca 0 Salahuddin
Keith Stouffer 0 Salahuddin
Amanda Boland 0 Salahuddin
Alicia Barras 0 Salahuddin
Othman Eliasi 0 Salahuddin
Nawzad Godarzi 0 Salahuddin
Barham Irandost 0 Salahuddin
Maureen Fast 14 Wide Open and Ready
Gianluca Agostinelli 27 Wide Open and Ready
Michael Greco 4 Wide Open and Ready
Melanie Wilson 5 Wide Open and Ready
Wide Open and Ready
Brooke Merritt 8 Wide Open and Ready
Chris Colaneri 13 Wide Open and Ready
Wide Open and Ready
Wide Open and Ready
Jessica West 15 Wide Open and Ready
 Joncarlo  Garofalo 10 Wide Open and Ready
 Jessica  Elia  18  Wide Open and Ready
Morgan MacKenzie 9 We Got Balls
Rya Neudorf 14 We Got Balls
Nick DeBlasis 10 We Got Balls
Jenn Botell 0 We Got Balls
Daniel Vitaterna 4 We Got Balls
Liana Fruci 2 We Got Balls
We Got Balls
Shane Smith 18 We Got Balls
Frank Anello 6 We Got Balls
Simone Pagliaroli 13 We Got Balls
Nicolas Vitaterna 11 We Got Balls
Sarah Potts 17 We Got Balls
amanda wrona 21 We Got Balls
Olivia Jenkinson 6 Graboids
diana cote 21 Graboids
Jenn Gilby 17 Graboids
Dayna Milner 15 Graboids
Adam Paterson 2 Graboids
Joshua Paterson 4 Graboids
Warren Jenkinson 89 Graboids
Kevin Mills Goalie Graboids
Madi Seymour 12 Graboids
Steve Jenkinson 19 Graboids
Christina Meguerian 22 Graboids
Kate Pacecca 2 Liquor Pool FC
Lindsay Getz 24 Liquor Pool FC
Jo Omoleye 10 Liquor Pool FC
Daniele Pavone 4 Liquor Pool FC
Adedamola Ayandele 9 Liquor Pool FC
Andre Paul Baillargeon-Smith 12 Liquor Pool FC
Jared  Nunn  3 Liquor Pool FC
Adrian Snopkowski 8 Liquor Pool FC
Randy Nunn 55 Liquor Pool FC
Jordan Nunn 1 Liquor Pool FC
Martin Arciszewski 5 Liquor Pool FC
Shannon Danku 7 Liquor Pool FC
Jessica Danku 15 Liquor Pool FC
Thida Baillargeon-Smith 14 Liquor Pool FC
 Claudia DiGiovanni  11  Liquor Pool FC
 Alexandra Pascoe  13  Liquor Pool FC
 Sokhom  Or  Liquor Pool FC
Jesse Gardner 91 TBD – Jesse G
Lisa Kehoe 5 TBD – Jesse G
Lucia Fratangelo 0 TBD – Jesse G
Desmond Shum 10 TBD – Jesse G
Cameron Roy 23 TBD – Jesse G
Matthew Flagg 76 TBD – Jesse G
Nick Visser 13 TBD – Jesse G
Jessica Hansler 3 TBD – Jesse G
 Josue  Mendez 33 TBD – Jesse G
JoAnn VanSantvoort 15 TBD – Jesse G
Antonio Del Priore 0 TBD – Jesse G
 Amanda  Kerklaan  TBD- Jesse G
 Krystal  Morgan 2 Brangelina Forever
Dylan Fiorucci 45 Brangelina Forever
Vince Disante 21 Brangelina Forever
Kiyah Morocco 42 Brangelina Forever
Skye Nagy 7 Brangelina Forever
Anthony Greco 15 Brangelina Forever
Matt Milne 17 Brangelina Forever
Ciara Willcocks-Carroll 16 Brangelina Forever
Alicia Pappaianni 5 Brangelina Forever
Robert Worron 10 Brangelina Forever
Hannah Daley 8 Brangelina Forever
Carly Milani 3 Brangelina Forever
Nicolas Iamarino 34 Brangelina Forever
Jessica Bagnulo 9 Brangelina Forever
Troy Northfield 30 Brangelina Forever
Heather Mackey 37 Brangelina Forever
Mitch MacLean 13 Brangelina Forever
 Daniel  Heuser 0
Rachel Goerz 19 NOTL
Travis Durksen 7 NOTL
Sean Clifford 4 NOTL
 Corey  Driedger Goal NOTL
 John  Korotash  10 NOTL
Tim Alblas 15 NOTL
Daniel Ens 3 NOTL
Drew Van Egmond 8 NOTL
Kaitie May 2 NOTL
 Rose  Wolaniuk NOTL
Richard Slingerland 9 NOTL
Mariah Alblas NOTL
 Nathan  Albas 16  NOTL
 Kendal Merrill  6  NOTL
Dan Pereira 9 Expendables
Darren Pereira 11 Expendables
Nathan Pereira 10 Expendables
Jamie Lynn Pereira 21 Expendables
Zac Cuviello 18 Expendables
Kait Wurster 0 Expendables
Miro Peso 23 Expendables
 Amy  Browlett  6 Expendables
Alex Craddock 66 Expendables
Eddy Sidani 3 Expendables
Rick Baldin 44 Expendables
 John  Teal  1 (Goal) Expendables
todd machulla 0 Misfits
Mathew Tadeus 0 Misfits
Garrett Tryon 0 Misfits
cody godfrey 0 Misfits
Jeff Nichols 0 Misfits
Stephanie Pearson 0 Misfits
kyle pritchard 0 Misfits
Zac Scott 0 Misfits
Andrew Harpwood 0 Misfits
Liv Wood 0 Misfits
george kon 0 Misfits
Liv pesowski 0 Misfits
amanda autterbury 0 Misfits
justin ashun 0 Misfits
Michael ashun 0 Misfits
robert matheson 0 Misfits
Brittany Haanappel 9 Multiple Scoregasms
 Alyssa  DiCienzo 24 Multiple Scoregasms
 Shelby  VanVelzen 33 Multiple Scoregasms
Aaron VanVelzen 27 Multiple Scoregasms
DEREK PATERSON 32 Multiple Scoregasms
Julia Pantusa 14 Multiple Scoregasms
 Johnny  Bahdi 77 Multiple Scoregasms
Multiple Scoregasms
Keith Makubuya 13 Multiple Scoregasms
Quinton Leone 29 Multiple Scoregasms

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