Indoor Soccer Team Colour and Roster

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2017-18 Indoor Soccer Team Colour & Roster List

Team Colours & Rosters
Team Colours
Team Rosters

Team Colours

  • Please check each week to ensure you are not wearing the same colour of the opposing team.
  • Each team is to have a set of alternate shirts with them at all times.
  • The alternate shirts don’t have to have numbers on them but your regular set does.
  • If you are playing a team with the same or similar colour as you make sure you have the alternate shirts as one team must switch.
  • If neither team wants to change, the first team listed on the schedule will have to change shirts to an alternate colour.
  • If that team does not want to change they will automatically loose the game 0 – 2.
  • Shirts must be warn at all times by all players on the field.
  • Colours that are close such as Navy Blue and Black the referee may make one team change as they are too similar, this will be the referees decision.

Team colour list will be posted once


1 We Got Balls Black
2 Leave My Arse-elona! Pink
3 Sorry In Advance Purple
4 Expendables Green
5 For Kicks and Giggles Grey
6 Low Expectations Black
7 Happy Feet Orange
8 GoalDiggers Blue
9 Graboids Lime green
10 Niagara Falls Sports Plex White/ Blue Stripes



Net, Six and Chill Orange
Virgil FC White and Blue
Individuals 1 Red
The Green Machine Green
Individuals 3 Black
Individuals 4 Yellow


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Team Roster

  • If your name is not on the list below you are not eligible to play in the league.
  • To be eligible to play in the league each player must
    1. Register and sign the online waiver.  All 3 steps of the registration process must be completed 
  • Once players have completed the above they are added to the team roster below and they are eligible to play in the league.
  • Anyone not on this page is not eligible and playing illegally.
  • Teams caught playing with unregistered players. The player(s) will be removed form the field immediately and the team will automatically lose their current game and the next game on the schedule. (The teams can still play this game minus the illegal player(s) but it will be a loss on the schedule.) The game can still be completed for fun but it will be a loss in the standings.
  • All players must carry some form of picture ID and be ready to show the referee or the opposing team captain if asked.
  • If a player is in question the opposing team captain must pull up this team roster list and respectfully ask the opposing captain about the questionable player. That player in question may have to produce photo ID. This can be done at any before time during or after the game if a player is in question. If a player is found to be illegal referee will stop the game, verify the player is in fact not registered for the team and play will not resume until that player is off the field. If there are issues with behaviour from any players during this time they will be asked to leave as well.
  • Teams have until 6:59pm the Sunday Evening before their to register players. Any players that are registered after 6:59 Sunday will be eligible the following week.


Updated October 11th, 2017
Team rosters will be updated after the first week of the season has been played.

Intermediate division


Daniel Vitaterna 4 We Got Balls
Nick DeBlasis 99 We Got Balls
Ryan Neudorf 34 We Got Balls
Sarah Neudorf 19 We Got Balls
Jenn Botell 0 We Got Balls
Morgan MacKenzie 9 We Got Balls
Andrew Seif 10 We Got Balls
Sarah Potts 17 We Got Balls
Frankie Anello 6 We Got Balls
Chris Anello 7 We Got Balls
jesse sallows 15 We Got Balls
Katrina Deblasis 13 We Got Balls
Meredith Witoski 0 We Got Balls


John Mancuso 1 Goal Leave My Arse-elona!
Amanda Pizzacalla 3 Leave My Arse-elona!
Aggie Wojcik 8 Leave My Arse-elona!
Jordan Ramage 2 Leave My Arse-elona!
Stephanie Perdue 20 Leave My Arse-elona!
Kaitlyn Burt 4 Leave My Arse-elona!
Richard Wyatt 10 Leave My Arse-elona!
Josie Caruso 13 Leave My Arse-elona!
Jacob Louwes 17 Leave My Arse-elona!
Steven Zwygers 6 Leave My Arse-elona!
Ryan McClelland 0 Leave My Arse-elona!
Ceilidh Richardson 0 Leave My Arse-elona!
Adam Eden 0 Leave My Arse-elona!


Ryan Triemstra 18 Sorry In Advance
Bart van Leeuwen 9 Sorry In Advance
Colton Lane 10 Sorry In Advance
Joel Plazek 99 Sorry In Advance
Stuart Bonk 12 Sorry In Advance
Luke Lane 11 Sorry In Advance
Ryan Triemstra 18 Sorry In Advance
Alyssa Parisius 19 Sorry In Advance
Allie Aubry 7 Sorry In Advance
Alanna Lane 16 Sorry In Advance
Steve Bonk 13 Sorry In Advance
Christopher Van Wiechen 3 Sorry In Advance
Jessica Brennan 69 Sorry In Advance
Jessica Kulikowski 81 Sorry In Advance
Christopher Short 0 Sorry In Advance
Aaron Guggenmoos 14 Sorry In Advance
David Snedden 0 Sorry In Advance


Darren Pereira 20 Expendables
Dan Pereira 9 Expendables
Jamie Pereira 21 Expendables
Kaitlyn Wurster 0 Expendables
Nathan Dunleavy 10 Expendables
Umberto Campana 8 Expendables
Nick Coulombe 4 Expendables
Rosalea Gialanella 7 Expendables
Miro Peso 23 Expendables
John Theal 1 Expendables
Rebecca Owens 3 Expendables
Alex McAvoy 6 Expendables
Kevin Mills 0 Expendables
Spencer Theal 12 Expendables
Andrew Baldin 11 Expendables


Vince Amato 12 For Kicks and Giggles
James Wimmer 13 For Kicks and Giggles
Art Comvalius 10 For Kicks and Giggles
Kevin Ritchie 25 For Kicks and Giggles
Shedric Gauthier 2 For Kicks and Giggles
Robert Vachon Goal (30) For Kicks and Giggles
Tom Minter 14 For Kicks and Giggles
Scott Ebert 15 For Kicks and Giggles
Alicia Barras 7 For Kicks and Giggles
 Jaye  Barras 5 For Kicks and Giggles
Page Olsen 23 For Kicks and Giggles
Rachel De Burgh-Thomas 6 For Kicks and Giggles
Stephanie Fischer 72 For Kicks and Giggles
Pete Ault 8 For Kicks and Giggles
Arthur Comvalius 10 For Kicks and Giggles
Kyle Crawford For Kicks and Giggles
Michael Dyke For Kicks and Giggles
Phil White For Kicks and Giggles
Don Reid Goal For Kicks and Giggles
Foti Zannis 9 For Kicks and Giggles


Joanna Zub 0 Low Expectations
Marty Van Zanten 4 Low Expectations
Ryan Ruth 37 Low Expectations
Steven Vellekoop 87 Low Expectations
Jacob Bartold 10 Low Expectations
Rebecca DeSmit 2 Low Expectations
Dan Bialy 25 Low Expectations
Aggie Wojcik 88 Low Expectations
Colton Granitto 21 Low Expectations
Kyle Pritchard 7 Low Expectations
Eric Edwardson 11 Low Expectations
Katie Tulloch 22 Low Expectations
Denis Rea 14 Low Expectations
Joanna Zub 15 Low Expectations
Arjan Noordam 5 Low Expectations
Low Expectations


Mathew deleeuw 23 Happy Feet
Anthony Greco 15 Happy Feet
Kiyah Morocco 69 Happy Feet
Nicolas Iamarino 16 Happy Feet
Tia Folino 12 Happy Feet
Jessica Bagnulo 9 Happy Feet
Daniel Heuser 21 Happy Feet
Mitch MacLean 13 Happy Feet
Alicia Pappaianni 18 Happy Feet
Ben Beuttenmiller 14 Happy Feet
Hannah Daley 6 Happy Feet
Dylan Fiorucci 28 Happy Feet
Keaton Tye 0 Happy Feet
Krystal Morgan


Anthony Visca 3 GoalDiggers
Chris Cardillo 61 GoalDiggers
Gianluca Agostinelli 27 GoalDiggers
Michael Greco 4 GoalDiggers
sammy hilimoniuk 62 GoalDiggers
Chris Colaneri 13 GoalDiggers
Megan McRae 60 GoalDiggers
Cristina Greco 66 GoalDiggers
Dylan Fabiano 65 GoalDiggers
Mark Mazzei 64 GoalDiggers
Maureen Fast 14 GoalDiggers
 Michael  Bordenave  69 GoalDiggers


Youssef Fawzy 11 Graboids
Lindsay Getz 24 Graboids
Kevin Mills 1 Graboids
Warren Jenkinson 89 Graboids
Saman Safari 10 Graboids
Dayna Milner 15 Graboids
Jenn Gilby 19 Graboids
Joshua Paterson 4 Graboids
Brenda Billington 7 Graboids
Madison Seymour 12 Graboids
Osayemwenre Agbonwaneten 5 Graboids
Olivia Jenkinson 6 Graboids
Steve Jenkinson 13 Graboids
 Adam  Paterson  2 Graboids


Joris Fblt 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Gabriele Delle Monache 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Alyssa DiCienzo 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Cody Willard 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Brittany Haanappel 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Ashley Alramirano 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Robert Pajak 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Anthony DiCienzo 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Cassandra Stirpe 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Ezio Delle Monache 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Kodi Wright 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Dave Allan 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Joris Faribault 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex
Gino Pizzacalla 0 Niagara Falls Sports Plex

Rec Division


Andron Stennett 26 Net, Six and Chill
Christina Vu 28 Net, Six and Chill
Spencer Coombes 10 Net, Six and Chill
Sydney Sica 1 Net, Six and Chill
Morgan German 2 Net, Six and Chill
Lisa Mercier 12 Net, Six and Chill
Lauren Mclarty 0 Net, Six and Chill
Gregory Will 8 Net, Six and Chill
Riona Petticrew 27 Net, Six and Chill
Jessica Smith 13 Net, Six and Chill
Kelly Coyne 17 Net, Six and Chill
Damion Ebanks 3 Net, Six and Chill
 Chase  Harris  29 Net, Six and Chill
 Diana  Cote Net, Six and Chill
 David  D’Intino  19 Net, Six and Chill
 Vageesan  Gunaratnam  14 Net, Six and Chill
 Rebecca  Anderson Net, Six and Chill


Melissa Cherney 10 Virgil FC
Mike Keeler 7 Virgil FC
Shane McCafferty 20 Virgil FC
Carrie McCafferty 13  Virgil FC
Josh Davis 2 Virgil FC
Nathan Mosca 6 Virgil FC
Tommy Visca 5 Virgil FC
Sabrina Pisano 8 Virgil FC
Chris Warner 11 Virgil FC
Tyler Davis 16 Virgil FC
Bohumil Kaspar 3 Virgil FC
Michael Nardone 9 Virgil FC
Stephanie Chaisson 18 Virgil FC
Virgil FC
Virgil FC
Virgil FC
Virgil FC
Virgil FC
Virgil FC
Aaron Cherney 14 Virgil FC


Emily Juhlke 4 Individuals 1
Jennifer Juhlke 20 Individuals 1
Abby Juhlke 3 Individuals 1
Andrew Lowe 10 Individuals 1
Blair Gilligan 11 Individuals 1
diana cote 21 Individuals 1
Madison Zabiuk 25 Individuals 1
cody godfrey 1 Individuals 1
David Mowbray 2 Individuals 1
Ben Bluemeke 7 Individuals 1
Joshua Van Muyen 23 Individuals 1
Adam Freeman 14 Individuals 1
Peter Baker 8 Individuals 1


Becca Quinn 17 The Green Machine
Kris Assels 6 The Green Machine
Phillip Seward 11 The Green Machine
scott stewart 2 The Green Machine
Mimi Chmay 18 The Green Machine
David Miller 77 The Green Machine
Rebecca Roadnight 7 The Green Machine
justin forster 0 The Green Machine
Adam Colangelo 15 The Green Machine
Edmund Frye 10 The Green Machine
Peter Rutkowski 14 The Green Machine
Britt Vandriel 22 The Green Machine
JEN LISI 12 The Green Machine


Andrew Fisher 18 Your Mother Well
Nicholas Fisher 16 Your Mother Well
Andrew McNiven 8 Your Mother Well
Cameron Turcotte 67 Your Mother Well
Jaz Randhawa 4 Your Mother Well
Your Mother Well
Ben Sangha 14 Your Mother Well
Meredith Witoski 13 Your Mother Well
Jennifer Barlow 6 Your Mother Well
Joe Fabischek 10 Your Mother Well
Carolyn Hough 7 Your Mother Well
Joshua Sabourin 9 Your Mother Well
Aidan Bond 5 Your Mother Well
Amanda Rodriguez 81 Is Your Mother Well
Christopher Battagli 44 Is Your Mother Well


Celine Rankie 8 Individuals 4
Sarah Epp 2 Individuals 4
Raf Rokicki 10 Individuals 4
Mani Mahdavian 5 Individuals 4
Abrahim Mohamed 11 Individuals 4
Geoff Hall 25 Individuals 4
Scott Mills 23 Individuals 4
Dina Meshki 20 Individuals 4
Rand Meshki 9 Individuals 4
Tiffany McKenzie 87 Individuals 4
Logan Flannigan 18 Individuals 4
Michael Drvodelic 13 Individuals 4
Aden Yusuf 21 Individuals 4
Shiloh Ostadhassan 3 Individuals 4


Carmen Hogard 22 Individuals 4

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