Basketball Playoff Schedule

2017 Fall Basketball Playoff Schedule – Niagara Rec Sports

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2017 Fall Playoff Schedule is now online

Congratulations to Hoops I Did It Again for winning the 2017 Fall Basketball Champions Cup!

Once the regular season is complete the current Basketball Playoff Schedule will be posted here

Teams will be playing for their team name on the NRS Champions Cup. 

NOTE: Even if you are eliminated from the playoffs you still will have games each week for the remainder of the season.

Everyone makes the playoffs, everyone has the chance to win. Playoff schedule will be posted once the regular season is complete.

The highest seed team will always play the lowest seed throughout the entirety of the playoffs. Good luck to all.

2017 Fall Basketball Playoff Schedule
1 Light Work
2 Hoops I Did It Again
3 The Tryhards
4 Kawhi you still mad?
5 Kemp Financial Group Inc.
6 Individuals 1
7 Tune Squad
8 Vape Nation
Playoff Schedule
Dec 5th
Quarter Finals
Light Work 82 vs Vape Nation 42 6:30 Connaught Quarter Final
Kawhi you still mad? 64 vs Kemp Financial Group Inc. 60 7:30 Connaught Quarter Final
Hoops I Did It Again 61 vs Tune Squad 58 8:30 Connaught Quarter Final
The Tryhards 69 vs Individuals 1 82 9:30 Connaught Quarter Final
Dec 12th
Semi Finals
The Tryhards 0 vs Vape Nation 30 6:30 Connaught 5th place running
Kawhi you still mad? 60 vs Hoops I Did It Again 71 7:30 Connaught Semi Final
Light Work 68 vs Individuals 1 74 8:30 Connaught Semi Final
Kemp Financial Group Inc. 74 vs Tune Squad 82 9:30 Connaught 5th place running
Dec 19th
Tune Squad 30 vs Vape Nation 0 6:30 St. Ann 5th place
Individuals 1 64 vs Hoops I Did It Again 68 7:30 St. Ann Cup Game
Kawhi you still mad? 0 vs Light Work 30 8:30 St. Ann 3rd place
Kemp Financial Group Inc. 60 vs The Tryhards 68 9:30 St. Ann 7th place