Softball Playoff Schedule

Softball Playoff Schedule

The championship games for A, B & C division and 3rd place for C division will be played tonight.  All others will be rescheduled for this Wednesday.

We will be able to play the following games please check the schedule for game location.

Games On for tonight October 3rd
A division Championship Game – McCafferey 3 – 8:00pm
B division final – McCafferey 3 – 6:40pm
C division Finals  – McCafferey 4 – 6:40pm
C division 3rd place.- McCafferey 4 – 8:00pm

The following games will be rescheduled for this Wednesday.

Games Rescheduled for This Wednesday October 5th.

A division 3rd place
A division 5th place
A division 7th Place

B division 3rd place
B division 5th place
B division 7th Place

The 2016 Playoff Schedule will be posted once the regular season results are in.

2016  Softball Playoff Schedule

Congratulations to The Steelers  for winning the 2016 Wednesday evening Softball NRS Champions Cup.

Every teams has games until the end of the season even if you are knocked out of the playoffs.

Based on the regular season standings the higher seeded team will have the decision to take the field or bat first throughout the playoffs. (not a coin toss).

There are no ties in the playoffs.  If the game is tied at the end of 7 innings or regulation time, teams will revert back to the last complete inning where one team was winning and that team shall be the winner.  If there was no inning where one team had a lead a coin toss will decide the winner.

Monday Evening Playoff Schedule
Tuesday Evening Playoff Schedule


Monday Evening Softball Playoff Schedule_

2016 Monday Evening Softball Playoff Schedule
A Division B Division C Division
1 The Pumpkin Patch 1 St.Catharines Stompers 1 Tweed Farms
2 Red Hot Swingers 2 One Hit Wonders 2 Smith Dental Painkillers
3 Grand Salami 3 Fire Breathing Kittens 3 Aces of Bases
4 Schwingers 4 Brewmasters 4 The Edwings
5 Charros 5 BBQ Ballers
6 Master batters 6 Scared Hitless
7 Help Wanted 7 Sons of Pitches
8 The Herd 8 The Blue Ballers
Sept 7th off for long weekend
Sept 12th
Quarter Finals
A Division
The Pumpkin Patch 16 vs The Herd 13 6:05 Community 2 Quarter Final
Red Hot Swingers 9 vs Help Wanted 8 7:20 Grapeview Quarter Final
Grand Salami 14 vs Master batters 13 8:35 Grapeview Quarter Final
Schwingers 12 vs Charros 16 6:05 Grantham Lions Quarter Final
Division B
St.Catharines Stompers 16 vs The Blue Ballers 8 7:20 Grantham Lions Quarter Final
One Hit Wonders 20 vs Sons of Pitches 8 8:35 Grantham Lions Quarter Final
Fire Breathing Kittens 16 vs Scared Hitless 15 6:05 Grapeview Quarter Final
Brewmasters 17 vs BBQ Ballers 4 7:20 Community 2 Quarter Final
Division C
Tweed Farms 23 vs Aces of Bases 12 8:35 Community 2 Friendly
Smith Dental Painkillers 17 vs The Edwings 9 9:30 Lancaster Friendly
Sept 19th
Semi Finals
A Division
Master batters 0 vs Help Wanted 7 6:05 Joe McCafferey 1
Red Hot Swingers 17 vs Grand Salami 12 7:20 Joe McCafferey 1 Semi Final
Schwingers 12 vs The Herd 11 7:20 Joe McCafferey 2
The Pumpkin Patch 16 vs Charros 15 8:35 Joe McCafferey 1 Semi Final
Division B
St.Catharines Stompers 21 vs Brewmasters 6 6:40 Joe McCafferey 3 Semi Final
One Hit Wonders 13 vs Fire Breathing Kittens 7 8:00 Joe McCafferey 3 Semi Final
BBQ Ballers 22 vs The Blue Ballers 6 6:40 Joe McCafferey 4
Scared Hitless 5 vs Sons of Pitches 27 8:00 Joe McCafferey 4
Division C
Tweed Farms 9 vs The Edwings 10 6:05 Joe McCafferey 2 Semi Final
Smith Dental Painkillers 18 vs Aces of Bases 6 8:35 Joe McCafferey 2 Semi Final
Sept 26th rain out
October 3rd
Championship Games
A Division
The Pumpkin Patch vs Red Hot Swingers 8:00 Joe McCafferey 3 Championship
Division B
St.Catharines Stompers vs One Hit Wonders 6:40 Joe McCafferey 3 Final
Division C
Smith Dental Painkillers vs The Edwings 6:40 Joe McCafferey 4 Final
Tweed Farms vs Aces of Bases 7:55 Joe McCafferey 4 3rd Place
October 5rd
3rd, 5th and 7th place games
A Division
Grand Salami vs Charros 6:05 Joe McCafferey 3 3rd Place
Schwingers vs Help Wanted 7:20 Joe McCafferey 3 5th Place
The Herd vs Master batters 8:35 Joe McCafferey 3 7th Place
Division B
Fire Breathing Kittens vs Brewmasters 6:05 Joe McCafferey 2 3rd Place
BBQ Ballers vs Sons of Pitches 7:20 Joe McCafferey 2 5th Place
Scared Hitless vs The Blue Ballers 8:35 Joe McCafferey 2 7th Place




Tuesday Evening Softball Playoff Schedule


Tuesday Evening Softball 2016 Playoff Schedule
A Division
1 Sons of Pitches
2 Steelers
3 Local Sports Team
4 Bat Tossers
5 Tim Hortons Deisgnated Fritters
6 The Random Drafts
Sept 6th
Quarter Finals
Bat Tossers 7 vs Tim Hortons Deisgnated Fritters 06:05 Grapeview Quarter Final
Sons of Pitches vs Steelers 7:20 Grapeview Friendly
Local Sports Team 7 vs The Random Drafts 0 8:35 Grapeview Quarter Final
Sept 13th
Semi Finals
Sons of Pitches 10 vs Bat Tossers 4 7:20 Grapeview Semi Finals
Steelers 14 vs Local Sports Team 10 8:35 Grapeview Semi Finals
Sept 20th
Championship Games
 Sons of Pitches 14 vs  Steelers 14 7:20 Grapeview Championship Game
 Bat Tossers vs Local Sports Team 8:35 Grapeview  3rd place