Court Volleyball Parking at Ridley College

Court Volleyball Parking & Entry at Ridley College

The gym is located at the back of the campus across from the main Soccer field.  Please view the map below for the location of the Court Volleyball Gym.  We play on the court above the pool at Ridley College.

The pool building is kind of a maze for those that aren’t familiar with it.

When you enter the door closest to the parking lot go down the hallway, there will be a door on your right that walks you across the pool area (upper part of the pool area).  Once through the hallway there will be another set of stairs going up.  The gym is through the door at the top of those stairs.

Washrooms are back down those stairs to another set of stairs leading down to the main level.  We have access to the washroom but NOT the change rooms as they are being used by another group.

Please view the map below for parking and gym location.
Court Volleyball Gym Location Ridley College